Open Education Week

badge for open education week 2019

My open educational practices includes engaging in a community of practice wherever and whenever I can. Being open means working in the open, sharing when others share, and building community around the open conversations. The annual global OEWeek is just such an opportunity. Organized by the OEConsortium, it is presented on a web site where events and activities are collected and curated, where others are openly invited to engage and participate. In Ontario this year, there was a similar focus on sharing and engaging across university and college contexts in a variety of formats, as seen on the eCampus Ontario web site page where events were curated. As part of the planning team for my university’s Open Day event, I was please to see our event listed in both these localized and globalized locations. The website created for our event is also open to access for future planning – Open Day 2019.

There are too many events to catch all of them, but some of particular interest were those where digital access was given or granted. With onsite or physical sessions, this was not an option, so limitations for participation continue to be an issue. While my university offered distance access using Zoom as the primary means of communication.

logo for Open Day - learning for everyone

As I engaged in Open Day conversations with others in the university where I teach, it was interesting to build understanding based on my experiences with open education, open educators, and Creative Commons. It was an energizing day but was uniquely positioned as an entry level to the open conversations. Using social media to promote and engage, the hashtag we used was #OpenDayLakehead2019. The resources collected from this event are posted on the website [Open Day 2019 Resources].

Here is the collection of open educators shared in Answer Garden during Terry Greene’s presentation Choose Your Own Presentation – Push to Open.

Answer Garden responses for open educators to follow on social media.

So I’ll proudly display my badge for Open Education Week – my open matters and makes a difference for others.