Searching in a Different Way

I’ve been trying something different in my library search strategy, as I look for relevant research for the annotated bibliography I’m working on. Instead of doing the search in the usual way, using the ‘search all’ option, I first narrowed my search by going to the Education Library tab, selecting Education Journal Article Databases for Education, and selecting only the ERIC (via Ebsco), ProQuest (via Ebsco) and Google Scholar listings. I tried a variety of key words in various combinations, as suggested by Kim in the library, during my one-one session.

Then I selected the Education Library tab, and then the e-Journals A-Z tab. This provided a search window, where I started with A, and moved through to CAN, in an effort to search specifically Canadian publications, target those with an educational focus. I ended at EDU where I became embroiled in the education offerings in a variety of topics beyond the scope of this search.

From this preliminary search in a different manner, I was able to serendipitously find articles that I may not have located in the general, search all, manner. A series of recent publications by J. Reyna around digital media literacies in higher education came to light in this random search pattern. Despite it being a time consuming process, it can net some gems that could provide insights into my own research work and dissertation process.

SO…. some of the periodicals which caught my attention:

  • Canadian and International Education
  • Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education (CJNSE)
  • Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education
  • Canadian Journal of Education
  • Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology
  • Canadian Journal of Higher Education
  • The Canadian Teacher
  • E-Learning and Digital Media
  • E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE) International Conference proceedings
  • ELearning and Education
  • Education Digest
  • Education Journal
  • Education Today (only to 2017)
  • Education Action Research

While this is a short list of those I investigated, by listing some of them here, I can potentially review the publication options for future contributions. I found it interesting to read through the CJNSE and CJLT publications, in particular, where I located several book reviews, which will become models for the book review I will write in the coming weeks. The framework for the book reviews found in the CJLT can help me structure the review for the book I’ve now selected for this work.

Image attribution: Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash