6040 DS2 on the Horizon

I’ve registered for the Doctoral Seminar 2 that is coming up in July. I anticipate this course with trepidation and dread. I’ve started looking at research articles differently, knowing that this course is on the horizon. When I’m finished the work for 6511 SDL, I’ll take a look at some options for directing my inquiry into quantitative research in order to prepare for this course.

Some articles I’ve collected into a folder for DS2 work:

Choi, M., Cristol, D., & Gimbert, B. (2018). Teachers as digital citizens: The influence of individual backgrounds, internet use and psychological characteristics on teachers’ levels of digital citizenship. Computers & Education, 12, 143-161.

Lunn Brownlee, J., Ferguson, L., & Ryan, M. (2017). Changing teachers’ epistemic cognition: A new conceptual framework for epistemic reflexivity. Educational Psychologist, 52(4), 242-252. doi: 10.1080/00461520.2017.1333430