GO_GN: An Open Research Network

I’ve been lurking and learning with the GO_GN network since before I applied for the PhD program. The work being done in open education research resonated with my passions. I have just become a more active member as I search for others who can support my research endeavours. I’ve applied and received a welcome email from Martin Weller so there may be more formal activities forthcoming as I engage as a member of this group. Thanks to Jenni Hayman, who’s been an active and participating member, and has been sharing her connections in this network openly, I’ve been drawn into the research done by others. This openly collaborative group includes many I know and follow on social media, in academic publications, and on the GO_GN site. Some of the members I follow and learn from:

Some voices from this year’s GO_GN gathering in Galway, Ireland:

This is a human network with human minds in a uniquely human collaboration of ideas and research. I’m looking forward to having my ideas bounce around and get bounced by others in this network.