You’ve been cited!

What an interesting experience, to be cited in the writing or academic work done by others. This was a first for me, and happened serendipitously. I was collecting, reading and reviewing articles for the annotated bibliography when I came across work that I had done for Media Smarts Canada in 2015. It was an in-text citation and bibliographic inclusion to this work from several years ago. I was elated and quickly made sure to include this article in my bibliography. The work cited is: Hoeschsmann, M. & DeWaard, H. (2015, March). Mapping Digital Literacy Policy and Practice in the Canadian Landscape. Media Smarts Canada. Retrieved from

The article where this was cited is included: Demchenko, I. (2016). Forming of future teachers’ ICT-competence: Canadian experience. Comparative Professional Pedagogy, 6(1), 54-60. DOI:10.1515/rpp-2016-0008

But, then it happened again! While the authors of this paper are also collaborators on the paper being cited, it was nonetheless an interesting experience to realize my name was incorporated into an academic work along with leading authors in this field. The article being cited: Bali, M., Caines, A., DeWaard, H., & Hogue, R. (2016). Ethos and practice of a connected learning movement: interpreting virtually connecting through alignment with theory and survey results. Online Learning20(4)

The article where the citation occurred: Bali, M. & Caines, A. (2018). A call for promoting ownership, equity and agency in faculty development via connected learning. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 15, 46.

And again! Within a few days I was notified by a friend and c0-author, that our article had been cited by someone we both respect and admire. It was an article that again cited the previous article about ethos and practice of a connected learning movement.

So, this feeling is new to me – humbly, incredibly, thankfully, – I’ve can say “I’ve been cited”.